Rabitech Stealth Pro Speargun

Rabitech is the proud manufacturer of a top range of quality spearguns. This range of spearguns is the result of many years of constant improvements and alterations on their designs. Rabitech’s main goal is to design spearguns that are reliable and robust with superior accuracy and durability.


Product Description

Stealth PRO Range:

This is the newest product to the Rabitech range. The Stealth PRO have replaced the older and very popular Stealth range. With the improvements made to the new range it has proven to be a great success! They manufacture the spearguns in the following lengths: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 and 140cm.


Grip: The Handle and the cassette of our Stealth PRO speargun grip is made out of ultra strong, high quality Glass- Filled Nylon. The front section of the grip that fits into the speargun barrel is reinforced and prevents any flex. The Sear and Line Release is moulded out of solid Stainless Steel. The Line Release functions as an active unit with the sear and ensures perfect release of the spear line every time.
Carbon Rail Barrel: Our winded Carbon Barrel is made if 60% Carbon and 40% Glass fibber to ensure that the product is not only very light but also super strong with good shock resistance.
Spears: On the Aluminium guns we fit a High Tensile Spring Steel spear in either 6,5mm or 7mm depending on the length of the gun. On our Carbon spearguns we fit with a 17-4PH Stainless Steel Spear.
Rubber: We use the best quality imported speargun rubbers in both 16mm and 18mm. We rig the spearguns with either a single 18mm or twin 16mm rubbers according to each order.
Muzzle: Our muzzles are manufactured from ultra strong, high quality Glass- Filled Nylon.

Additional Information