Black Diamond C3 Camalot

With a flexible stem, narrow head width compression spring-driven interlocking cam lobes, Camalot C3’s fit more securely, in more places than any other three-cam unit.

Product Description

With up to 30 percent less head width than any other micro cam, C3 Camalots fit in more places, more securely. The C3’s broader middle lobe overlaps and interlocks with the opposing cams, maintaining the cam head’s narrow width and maximizing contact area. Three compression springs independently drive each cam for increased holding force and contact in irregular placements. Their unique thin- profile stems are laterally stiff for slotting in tight placements, but flexible over edges for a more evenly dispersed load. Easy to grab, even with gloves on, their cable loops provide ample room for clipping in short or with a draw.

Narrow headed three cam devices for cracks and small pockets with reverse cam strength means that they will also grip as nuts.

Size 000 is for direct aid only

Huge cam stops prevent over-rotation and offer ample passive umbrella strength like the double-axle models
Easy-to-place ribbed trigger and thumb rest improve handling when arms are pumped
C3 cam’s stem design is ID-colored and color-coded nylon slings coincide with stem for easy identification
Stainless-steel cables are flexible to disperse loads more evenly, minimizing deformation and making cam units inherently stronger

BD Camalot C3s
number colour









000 Grey 7.8-12.9 28 4 55
00 Purple 9.0-13.7 28 6 57
0 Green 10.7-15.8 28 7 59
1 Red 12.0-18.8 29 10 62
2 Yellow 14.2-22.6 29 10 66

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