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What SEAC® has created is a special adapter that replaces the snorkel of the
LIBERA, UNICA and MAGICA dull face masks by installing a common HME,
mechanical or electrostatic, sanitary breathing filter.

In doing so, the mask now allows to breathe filtered air that significantly reduces
the risk of contagion, transforming the full face mask into an Individual Protection
Device (PPE) thus enabling the user to be completely protected.

HME type filters are antibacterial / viral with 99.999% retention effectiveness.

For more information on the SEAC SUB Full Face Masks, CLICK HERE

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Orca Industries provides on site medical Oxygen refills.

Please note that the Oxygen cylinder must comply with SANS 10019, SANS 1825, and Orca Industries’ policies before the cylinder is accepted for filling:

  • Cylinder must be the correct colour code (White shoulder, black body).
  • Cylinder must have been tested by an approved SANAS test station.
  • Cylinder must have been visually inspected within the last 2 years and hydrostatically tested within the last 4 years.
  • Cylinder must have an accompanying Oxygen cleanliness certificate after testing.
  • Cylinder is not older than 30 years.
  • Cylinder is in good condition and is not contaminated.
  • Cylinder must be privately owned and not affiliated with a commercial gas company 
  • Orca reserves the right at any time to reject cylinders for filling should we feel there are any safety concerns.

Oxygen is charged per litre, and will be invoiced out accordingly.

Appointments for Oxygen filling are not required unless there are ten or more cylinders.

-The Orca Team