To start a professional career in recreational scuba diving one needs to complete the PADI Dive Master Course. Working closely with your PADI instructor, the aim of the program is to expand your dive knowledge and sharpen your skills to a professional level. The course is aimed at developing your leadership abilities, enabling you to supervise dive activities and assist dive instructors with student divers.

Once you decide to do professional diving as a career, work will become an adventure, something to look forward to everyday. As a professional diver one is not restricted to one place, but can work wherever the oceans are. Taking people diving everyday will enable you to experience many new places, meet many interesting people, and learn new cultures. Lead a life of adventure and discovery. Although being a professional diver can be very fun, it is hard work, but rewarding.

As a professional diver you will be able to share your knowledge of diving and the oceans with those you take diving.

Requirements for PADI Dive Master Certification:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Have a PADI Advanced Diver qualification
  • Have a PADI Rescue Diver qualification
  • 1st Aid Qualification that has been done in the past 24 months
  • Have at least 40 dives to begin the course and 60 for certification
  • Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months

Duration of the PADI Dive Master Course

  • 5 Lectures (18:00 – 20:30 week nights)
  • Pool and Sea skills (4 Weekends 09:00 – 16:00)

Support materials supplied by Orca Industries
The PADI Dive Master crewpak includes all the materials required to start the PADI Dive Master Program. The crewpack includes:

  • The Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving – a comprehensive overview of diving physics, physiology, and equipment
  • Divemaster slates
  • PADI Divemaster Manual
  • CD-ROM with instructor outlines for Divemaster-conducted programs (exclusive item not available for purchase separately)

What you learn from a PADI Dive Master Program

The PADI Dive Master program teaches you dive leadership skills through classroom and independent study. As part of the PADI Dive Master program students will do water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises that enhance their ability to organize and do problem solving. You will also learn how to help others improve their scuba diving by putting the knowledge you have learnt into action through practical training exercises.

The Scuba Gear you’ll use for your PADI Dive Master Program

You will use all the basic scuba gear such as mask, fins, snorkel, BCD, regulator, cylinder, exposure suit, SPG, dive computer, underwater compass and dive watch.  Orca Industries highly recommend that you own all of your own scuba equipment and gear as familiarity with your own personal gear improves you scuba diving skills. Orca Industries are stockists of all diving equipment and gear needed to do the PADI Dive Master Certification and offer their students a 10% discount on their purchases

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