Orca Industries is the authorised and preferred partner for IDE New Parts Compressors in South Africa.  IDE stands for International Dive Compressors Engineering and they specialise in breathing air compressors, air saving units, filling units and service.

Many divers that work for fire brigades, technical rescue or other rescue teams come to Orca Industries for enquiries and assistance in the acquiring of or servicing of Dive Compressors. Orca can therefore provide everything that these teams require under one roof. As preferred partner, Orca Industries are able to offer competent advice, appropriate assessments of demand and satisfy the wishes and individual requirements of their customers.

IDE New Parts started 15 years ago in diving industry and manufacture their compressors with units from the companies Bauer, Poseidon and Becker in the range of 80 1100 litre per minute performance. IDE New Parts offers only German Quality products and are certified for you safety. They were examined and certified in October 2003 by DIN EN ISO 9001.  The successful conclusion documents the high quality level of work. For New Parts Europe Vertriebs KG we performed successfully the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in November 2009 has taken correct direction is the introduction of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. During September 2003 IDE received certifying (TÜV CERT) the TÜV South Germany for the internal production control with monitoring of the acceptance (module A1) after guideline 97/23/EEC This certifying enabled IDE to mark the pressure vessel manufactured by us in the context of the area of application by the CE-marking and the identification number 0036 of the designated place (TÜV South Germany). In 2009 IDE changed for this certification to the famous TÜV Austria and sign since then with the identification number CE 0408.

Orca Industries has the following compressors and models on offer:

The Bavaria Range:

  • Pro
  • Sports
  • Fun
  • Silent

The IDE Range:

  • TT Series
  • TP Series
  • TI-L Series
  • TFI Series
  • TMI Series
  • TCI Series
  • TPS Silent Series
  • TSI & TSI Nitrox Series
  • TFV(S) Series
  • TFO Series
  • BASV Series
  • TL Marina Series